CCS - Creative Computer Solutions

One-On-One Training

Individualized custom computer software instructions. CCS will help make your computer frustrations disappear. Our One-on-One instruction will allow you concentrate more on getting the work done rather than wondering or asking yourself things like...How do I... I wonder if I can... What is a taskbar..... or, I wonder if this will work ...??


One-On-One tutoring is available at your home or place of business.

If you would like to increase your computer skills and learn the tricks of the trade... Our friendly one on one tutoring will allow you to become more at ease and proficient using the software of your choice.

With this type of training, rather than in a classroom environment, you can utilize all of your training time for exactly what YOU feel you need to know. Whether for your job or just for your own expertise...With computer tutoring you can learn at your own pace and you can rely on CCS to help you with exactly what you need to learn when you need to know. You will also learn the essentials and special shortcuts which may not always be in books or manuals...

All-in-all, your experience will truly be a pleasant one, learning exactly what you want and when you need it!


One-On-One Training No Prerequisite & No Required Number of Classes!


Customized Instructions....You decide what you would like to learn and how many sessions you need. All your questions will be answered on the spot! You can even bring in a project that you need to create and/or complete.

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