CCS - Creative Computer Solutions

Backups and Data Recovery

You depend on your computer for a lot of things, from storing pictures and family videos to doing your taxes or managing your business. We know your machine holds a lot of precious and critical information. What happens when one day you find yourself in a technological crisis, with a bright blue screen or a frozen system?


That's where we come in. CCS can work with your exsisting equipment and our tech-savvy Agents will do a basic checkup to ensure that your data actually CAN be retrieved (which is the case more than 99% of the time).


Here's where a city of experts REALLY comes in handy. Your machine will be securely handed off to a CCS agent, to dig through every nook and cranny of your hard drive and do whatever it takes to find your irreplaceable data. Whether you just accidentally renamed or misplaced a document or your hard drive is suffering from a complete and utter failure, our Agents can help.